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Our alpacas are Huacayas, and resemble fluffy teddy bears. They are curious, quiet animals, each with their own personality. Our animal's usual day consists of grazing outdoors in a grassy pasture, dozing in the sunshine, rolling in barren pasture spots for their dust bath, and enjoying each other's company.

Alpaca's seem to be as interested in human's daily routines as we are theirs. They watch us as we do our chores, visit us at the fence, and eagerly await their nightly food treat before they're in the barn for the night. A gentle hum is their vocal expression and each alpaca has a distinct voice.

Two male llamas guard our alpaca herd. They are very alert and approach anything they perceive as a threat. Their imposing size and direct stare seems to keep predators at a distance. The alpacas and llamas interact and enjoy one another.

Our experience raising livestock, specifically alpacas and llamas, was non-existent before 2008, when we acquired our first animals. Thanks to other alpaca owners and breeders in the area, and the helpful advice and assistance from our country neighbors, our venture has been fulfilling and enriching. We have sheared our animals each Spring and seen for ourselves the beautiful, luxurious fleece each alpaca produces.

The peaceful, quiet nature of alpacas has taught us to live with less noise in our lives, to enjoy the sun's warmth, to appreciate the abundance of wildlife and nature, and treasure the beauty and serenity of our hidden paradise.

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